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The Crop Molecular Genetics Laboratory supports the oat and barley breeding programs of the Crop Development Centre through both the development of and screening for molecular markers. The laboratory had it's beginnings in the 1990's when it became involveLab 1d in various mapping projects using RFLPs. Since then it has identified and refined a number of markers and now performs most of its screening working using TaqMan technology and real-time PCR, typically screening 10,000 or more samples per year. We are always on the lookout for markers developed by other groups that may have relevance to our program and also to advances in genomics that may allow us to develop better (more closely linked) markers. 


We consider all of our work to be in the public domain and thus are willing to share DNA sequence information and our techniques with other groups. We have always paid attention to the cost of screening and have only developed markers if they result in cost-savings to the breeding programs. We are always on the look-out for technologies that will allow us to perform MMAS more efficiently.


Graham Scoles, Ph.D., PAg; Assoc. Dean (Research) (on leave)
College of Agriculture and Bioresources